About Ashley

I am the mom of 3 - one adopted at age 15, one with special needs, and one that just likes to keep me busy with her dance and gymnastics and boundless energy.

Our family loves dogs and currently, we have a pack of 9. They are all sweet and loving with their own distinct personalities. My dream is to someday add a Corgi and Great Dane to our pack...someday.

We love to spend time in Wyoming, specifically in Sheridan and the Big Horn mountains. We try to go out every summer and make sure to go to rodeo while there. The drive from Delaware to Wyoming is long but full of fun and memories.

My husband is a social worker and currently works at local middle and high school. I worked in finance for a number of years, but never felt like it was where I should be.

After losing my dad in 2018, I went back to school for nursing. I became a nurse last May and love being in healthcare - despite the chaos COVID has brought.

I work at St Francis in their EMS department and interact closely with the people of Wilmington. In addition to St Francis, I also work at Baylor Women's Correctional Facility. I have always had a heart and passion for the vulnerable and hurting, but things I have seen while at work have opened my eyes to the needs of our students, family, and community even more.

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